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Engineering at the service of water and air systems

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WASE brings its experience and know-how in the field of expertise in order to provide an exhaustive diagnosis of the installations which will lead to the feasibility study and the realization of the projects. We provide complete audits which include both the electrical part (readings of voltages, currents, analog signals, continuity tests, etc.) and the hydraulic and aeraulics (readings of flow rates, network pressures and filters, etc.).
WASE is committed to providing solutions that improve the performance of installations while respecting the normative rules in force.

Fixing Electricity Lines


Mechanical ventilation & hydraulic:
Balancing of the aeraulic and hydraulic networks to maximize energy savings. The adjustments are made using a methodology that has proven itself over time. During commissioning, all the data is integrated into a report which will provide an exhaustive view of the state of the entire installation.


Study of the electrical diagrams as well as modifications if necessary, Wase brings its expertise by checking all the connections from the ins to outs of the probes and actuators in order to ensure the safety of the installation during a power up.
Electrical diagrams can be made for improvements or on request for a study.

Construction Plans


WASE knew the importance that the customer must give following a commissioning, so that its maintenance teams are operational to take over all the installations.
This is why WASE has specialized in training by providing its know-how with methodology, through technical modules that will be carried out on the site's facilities, with materials that have been written for this purpose including , in addition to the validation tests for each technician.
An operational and functional installation with a maintenance department trained in all its technical specificities will guarantee its sustainability.

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Wase has referenced and calibrated measuring equipment with great precision, the main ones of which are listed below:

  • Balometer type aeraulic flowmeter

  • Hot wire type aeraulic flowmeter

  • Pitot tube type aeraulic flowmeter

  • Propeller type aeraulic flowmeter

  • Differential pressure type hydraulic flowmeter

  • Ultrasonic type hydraulic flowmeter

  • 4-20ma / 0-10V type generator

  • Probe calibrator in HART protocol

  • Temperature and hygrometry type recorder



Energy saving is a major environmental issue in which WASE works, by providing solutions to its customers that improve the energy performance of HVAC installations.
Knowledge of the technical and material tools making up climate systems allow WASE to assert itself as a collaborator of choice in the execution of studies and their achievements.
Electricity, automation, hydraulics and aeraulics are the areas in which WASE focuses all its expertise, acquired through a wealth of experience in commissioning.

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Over the years of experience in the field of commissioning and repeating projects on the various sites encountered with their set of constraints, the staff of WASE has set up an innovation unit where ideas improving performance existing systems are listed and studied. To date WASE is working on two projects which aim to facilitate commissioning and provide the customer with transparency in the vision of the installations. We have the ambition over time to carry out these projects and be able to carry them out on site. Innovation is the key to success for any business that seeks to thrive, which is why we attach great importance to it.

Electrical Construction Plans


The company WASE was born from the ambition to be a major partner for any company wishing to commission its climatic installations by experts who will guarantee them functional and operational sustainability.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

To give itself the means to achieve its ambitions, WASE is committed to always being at the forefront of current technologies and thus meeting the requirements of the specifications.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Passion is a fundamental element that allows the experts of WASE to always surpass themselves to provide the best service.


"WASE operates in specifically uncompromising environments, with permanent obligations of safety, security and quality."

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Continents covered


Years of experience


Trained administrators


Project hours





WASE presents itself as a specialist in the hospital sector with strong experience which allows it to have the capacity to manage all the settings of HVAC batches including accommodation, pressurized laboratories, operating theaters, smoke extraction, substations ice water and hot water.



The HVAC commissioning of an airport requires a concise and thoughtful organization of the various technical packages spread over large areas.

For this it is essential to have good management and coordination in order to plan the various execution tasks.

WASE has significant experience in the field of commissioning airport sites, which enables it to carry out projects in strict accordance with the specifications.



WASE has a wealth of experience in the tertiary sector which includes technical packages such as hydraulics, aeraulics and smoke extraction. This includes administrative buildings, hotels, embassies, schools ....



WASE has resources authorized to work in the nuclear field where the constraints due to radio activity require the greatest attention and concentration at all times. Knowledge of the processes makes it an actor capable of providing on-site solutions which will be validated beforehand according to the customer's requirements and compliance with the specifications.





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